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Can it be used to record physical condition when entering the workplace regardless of HACCP?
You can use it. From the input of body temperature, headache, tonsil status, etc. can be entered for each individual.
Create a plan as a collection of groups with personal names. That way, your name will be listed in the index, making it easier to select. If you use multiple devices, multiple people can input at the same time.
Do I have to record each time? Is "All 〇" an authorized function?
This function was developed according to the advice of the Japan Food Safety Association. There is no problem.
On page 8 of the Japan Food Hygiene Association's "HACCP Based Food Hygiene System (for Small Restaurant Businesses)", "Let's record the results of implementation at the end of the day."
How should I include irregular work such as "clean when it gets dirty" in the plan?
Enter the confirmation items and countermeasures in the "Daily" sheet of the plan, and set "-" for the confirmation method. If you need to work, change "-" to "Audit" and it will be displayed the next time you open the Today's record.
The "-" is for items such as seasonal menus that require this season but not other seasons. Since it is inefficient to write and erase each time, we have prepared this function.
Isn't the user introduction posted on the homepage?
Since this application does not require the input of user information, it cannot be posted.
If you are a user and have a request for publication, please let us know. We will consider establishing a new corner.
We have multiple businesses in fruit and vegetable wholesale, processed food wholesale, confectionery manufacturing, and ice cream manufacturing. What will happen to the charges?
If there is a separate management department and one Apple ID is shared as a whole, only one single store version ($2/month) and one multi-store version ($9/month) will cost $11 per month.
Share the single-store version of the app at each store and create plans separately.
(You can use any number of devices as long as you install with the same Apple ID. On the other hand, you can set plans and user settings individually for each device.)
Headquarters uses the multi-store version to monitor the status of all stores.
I have 100 stores (for example), how much does it cost?
We recommend $9 + $2 = $11 / month. There is no initial cost.
You can share apps on 100 devices using the same Apple ID. Therefore, one single store version ($2) can be shared by 100 stores. Data can be managed separately at each store.
The head office uses the multi-store version ($9) for overall management.
Isn't the plan item divided into good hygiene practice and critical control point?
Since the work process is emphasized, it is not divided.
The classification of good hygiene practice and critical control point is only at the analysis level, and is not important for on-site confirmation and recording work.
Rather, we think it is more important to organize the items to be confirmed according to the work flow.
Please tell me how to share the app on iphone and iPad.
The way to share the app on your iphone and iPod is to use the same Apple ID on two devices.
In addition, since this application does in app purchaces, family sharing is not possible.
There is a function that allows you to attach photos to corrective action. Is it possible to attach from a saved photo?
Currently not possible. (But later added features)
After this question, I added an "Lib." button to Today's record screen to resolve this issue.
Touch this button to open the Photos app screen and select and acquire photos.
Is it possible to check the save destination on iCloud and the reference destination from ipad?
You can see the save destination of iCloud as follows.
(1) Select the user name part at the top of "Settings" on the iPhone (iPad).
(2) Select iCloud → Select Manage Storage.
(3) There is a list of application names, so please check if you have HACCP record management or HACCP record management S.
(4) Touch the app name.
(5) Touch "HACCP" under "Documents & Data".
(6) The workplaces name are displayed under "Documents". If you touch this, the data contained in it will be displayed.
(7) document.hccp is a plan and record.hccp is a record.
Who will the contract be with?
It will be a contract with Valida corp. via Apple.
(Customers will pay Apple the cost. Same as songs, etc.)
If I download it and leave it for a month, will it become a contract as it is?
Yes, it will become a contract.
If you don't need it, stop paying or remove the app.
What kind of operation does the usage fee start?
The operation of the contract is as follows.
-Select "Settings" on the menu screen.
-On "Settings" screen, select "About contract" at the bottom line.
-On the next screen, touch the contract button on the third line (“contract” in white on a black background).
-Check the screen displayed from the next screen and touch "Next" to proceed.
-Finally, a small screen of "Final confirmation" will be displayed, so touch "Contract" there.
-Enter your password on the Apple Store screen that appears next.

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