* Logbee is a product of Chitose Kogyo


Creating a plan

  • Create a plan with a dedicated EXCEL file and import the output data.
  • It is possible to download and use the example plans posted by each industry. (Limited to those that can be converted to data)
  • Due to the seasonal menu, it is possible not to put it on the record sheet without deleting it from the plan.
  • It is possible to set work for a limited time (such as the second week of every month)

Record input

  • Recording is done by audit and input of measured values. In the case of measured values, "good" and "bad" judgments are made automatically.
  • In case of unforeseen circumstances, you can attach photos in addition to entering corrective action.
  • You can enter corrective action by referring to past cases.
  • The record is made into a history. The record before correction is saved.
  • In addition to the normal input, you can also select the batch "good" method, in which only the "bad" items are entered and all the rest are "Good".


  • Select the confirmation period by "weekly" or "monthly". The verifier reviews the record.
  • In addition to confirming the records every day, you can confirm the corrective actions for that period by displaying a list.
  • If you verify it, the record will be fixed and you cannot make additional entries or corrections. You can unavoidably cancel the confirmation, but the verification record is also saved as a history.

Addition of workplace (multi-store version only)

  • Multiple workplaces can be registered.
  • Set up a plan for each workplace.
  • Users (employees, managers) are also set for each workplace.
  • You can also set the verification period for each workplace.
  • You can see the input status of multiple workplaces from one device.

Device use in contaminated and clean areas

  • You can use iPad and iPhone properly for clean areas and contaminated areas.
  • When using iPhone, the screen is small, so change the layout for input only.
  • Input record is shared between devices.

Keeping and printing records

  • Recorded data (including photos) can be copied to the Windows environment.
  • This data can be read with EXCEL printing tool and printed.

Works with Logbee, an automatic temperature and humidity measurement system

  • Imports Logbee log data and prints it.
  • Supports multiple Logbee installations.
  • When an alarm occurs in Logbee, enter the cause and corrective actions in this application.