The charges related to this application are as follows.
  • Unnecessary.
  • A one-month trial period is available.
  • The data entered during this period will remain after the contract.

category   Price
 EXCEL file of each plan   Free 
 HACCP Record printing tool   Free 
 HACCP record management   $9/Month The contract is automatically renewed every month
 HACCP record management S(for single store)   $2/Month The contract is automatically renewed every month


If a company with 20 workplaces introduces it, the cost will be as follows.
  • For the workplaces, purchase one single store version ($2).
  • If the iPad used at each workplace uses the same Apple ID, the app can be shared by all units.
    Records can be managed separately at each office.
  • For the main office, purchase one multi-store version ($9).This allows you to monitor records for all workplaces.
Therefore, it can be operated for $11 per month.

It does not change even if the number of stores increases.